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Kit Campbell's Bio

Born in London, England, Kit Campbell happily made her home in Brisbane, Australia, for the past 23years, and now lives on a high hill in Tasmania. “Creative expression for me, stared at 5 years of age, playing the piano and producing little plays for my long suffering parents, charging two shillings a seat!” An art and music school in Berkshire, England, was the first form of ‘proper tuition’, followed by a life using music, song writing, drawing, painting, photography, make-up & hair artistry as different mediums to express her creativity throughout her life. “I feel that I get inspired, not influenced in my work. Art is everywhere and we just ‘find’ it, individually see it and then re-create it in our own unique way.” Photographic art is her current medium of artistic expression, with her first exhibition held in Doggett Street, Newstead, in 2006, which resulted in the sales of her limited edition prints in the UK, Ireland, New York and Australia. Using the exhibition as a promotional springboard, she has now got interest from overseas galleries and will be going over in April next year to set up showings in London and the United States.  Kit submitted the first of 3 limited editions of ‘The Crown of Newstead’ into the Art For Art’s Sake auction in August for Cerebral Palsy. The piece was a mixed form of media, acrylic compound on high quality canvas and digital image. The exhibition was held at Waterfront Place Foyer, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane, from 23rd July to 1st August 2007.  Since this showing, Kit has been invited to contribute every year since, however, her last Art for Arts sake exhibition, was in May, 2011.

Her 'Metallic Deconstructions' exhibition pieces are now all in Tasmania and some may be included in another exhibition in the near future. Stay tuned!

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